[NBC] ‘Go Asians!’: J.J. Abrams talks diversity in ‘Star Wars’ casting

July 14, 2015


The Force was strong for a few Star Wars fans who asked director J.J. Abrams about diversity casting in upcoming installments of the beloved space opera.

The exchange took place at a large discussion panel at San Diego Comic Con, a massive pop culture and comic book convention that draws tens of thousands fans and entertainment aficionados over five days.

The two Star Wars fans had on matching t-shirts depicting R2-D2.

“This question is for J.J. What we really liked about your Star Trek films is the diversity of the cast,” said one fan, who identified himself as Ryan.

“We would like to know do you plan on having any Asian characters join the cast in any of the upcoming Star Wars films?” the other fan, who said her name was Corrine, asked to rousing applause from the audience.

In video clips online of the exchange, Abrams opened his reply with a populist, “Go Asians!” before getting into more detail.