Museum begins video archive of SF Korean immigration history

November 12, 2015

The San Francisco Korean American Museum — which is still undergoing construction plans — is in the midst of gathering video interviews for its immigration history archive.

According to the museum this week, it has collected 35 interviews with area locals in one month by visiting homes and workplaces.

“We want to archive these videos and make them available to anyone, at any time, through our website,” said Jung Eun-kyung, a museum preparation committee member. “We think they will help in acting as living historical documents for young Korean Americans.”

The museum said it hopes to interview early immigrants and other Koreans in local organizations, academia, literature, business and churches in the city, Sacramento, Monterey, Reedley and Dinuba.

A mini catalogue containing artworks donated by community artists is also in the works, the museum said, as well as an English version of its web site.

If you are interested in being interviewed, contact the museum at 650-630-2860.