Move over 7-Eleven! SM to open ‘EXO convenience stores’

February 18, 2016
(Courtesy of SM Entertainment)

(Courtesy of SM Entertainment)

By The Korea Times Seoul staff

South Korea’s SM Entertainment will open a convenience store chain.

The agency, which represents Girls’ Generation, EXO, Super Junior and TVXQ, is preparing to open “SUM Market” that sells content related to SM artists, along with drinks and snacks.

Media outlets reported Wednesday that the so-called “EXO convenience store” will open its first shop inside the SM Entertainment office building in Samseong-dong, Seoul, as early as next month.

SM artist-themed food, including “Super Junior nuts,” “EXO Seaweed snacks” and “Girls’ Generation wines,” will be sold at the convenience store.

The agency already operates celebrity shop chain “SUM,” which sells fashion accessories related to SM artists.

The agency wanted to extend its business and has decided to collaborate with E-Mart, one of Korea’s major discount chains, in launching SUM Market, reports said.

SUM is meant to show that SM is with you by placing a “U” between the “S” and “M”.