Military service completion a plus for resume

November 7, 2013
HR representatives value those who completed almost a two-year military service when they hire.

HR representatives value those who completed military service when they hire.

By Lee Kyung-min

Job-seeking young men who completed two-year military service will now see that time not as a waste but as an added value on their resume.

HR representatives said they value those with military background more when they hire.

According to an online recruitment portal Saramin, some 87.1 percent of HR representatives from 272 companies surveyed said, “I have given extra credit to applicants who have completed their two-year military service.”

Maintaining and managing employees as a group is getting harder and the company heads are looking to choose those who have the least potential to betray and leave, the report added.

And the figures bear their stance.

When asked why they did so, more than half of the respondents said, “They are likely to make better adjustments to the corporate culture.” Some 19.8 percent said, “they are likely to be more industrious.” Another 17.7 percent of them said, “They are likely to have more respect for the hierarchy”, while 3.8 percent said, “They are likely to be easier to work as a team.”

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