Liberty In North Korea

November 2, 2015
Sorah Park  Westtown School  Senior

Sorah Park
Westtown School

I started the LiNK (Liberty in North Korea) rescue team at my school, driven by my passion for human rights. LiNK is an organization that works with North Korean refugees to help resettle into their new lives after escaping North Korea.

Currently, thousands of North Koreans are risking their lives escaping into China’s territory in order to free themselves from political and economic oppression. Once in China, they are in danger because the Chinese government captures North Korean refugees and sends them back to North Korea.

They face unspeakable punishments including torture and internments in political prison camps similar to those of the Holocaust. Furthermore, their illegal status in China allows corrupt employers and sex traffickers to exploit them to work invisibly.

Since many North Korean refugees do not have the opportunities to get themselves out of China, LiNK helps them reach freedom by providing them the resources and finances to do so. It costs $3,000 to safely rescue one refugee and to successfully help fund North Koreans to resettle while providing them food, clothing, and shelter.

As a Korean-American, I have always had a deep connection with the history between the two Koreas, and my deep passion for LiNK grew, as I became a leader in my school’s rescue team.

We hold fundraisers and bake sales to raise awareness of the situation of the people of North Korea, and how LiNK is working with North Korea refugees to achieve their potentials and to get the opportunities they deserve.

I recently went to a LiNK Gala in NYC where I had the opportunity to meet the President of LiNK, Hannah Song, who is such an inspirational and strong woman.

I also met Joseph Kim, one of the many North Korean refugees that have resettled with LiNK. Joseph spoke about his past struggles and successful experience with LiNK, which was very moving. He signed copies of his book “Under the Same Sky” which narrates his journey from being homeless in North Korea to studying in America.

Speaking to Joseph during the gala reminded me of why I do what I do. Liberation of the North Korean people is possible during our lifetime. With more international response to the situation of the refugees, there can be more individuals like Joseph that are able to study and live without the challenges under the communist state.

There are many ways to be involved with LiNK, including donating to their work to fund rescues and empowerment programs and education grants. Instead of focusing on Kim Jong Un’s regime and his crazy nuclear weapons, we should place our attention on the North Korean people and how we can help maximize their potential to succeed and prosper.

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