Lakers’ Jeremy Lin gets ego bruised in funny Adidas promo

October 23, 2014

Lakers’ guard Jeremy Lin recently traveled to Taiwan for a comical Adidas promo in which he was disguised as a shoe store employee.

A lot of customers barely gave him the time of day, but when they did he got responses such as “I saw Jeremy Lin play once and he played very poorly.”

Even after offering up a free Jeremy Lin t-shirt, all he got back was “I don’t really like him that much.”

Watch Jeremy Lin get his ego bruised even further in the video below:


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  2. Kendall

    October 24, 2014 at 11:23 AM

    It should be pointed out that it was Jeremy himself who said the line, “I saw Jeremy Lin play once and he played very poorly,” to which the customer responded in defense of Jeremy, “You happened to watch a very bad game.” See the 3:27 mark of the video for the customer’s response. If any bruising was being done, Jeremy was doing it to himself. It’s Jeremy’s self-deprecating sense of humor that makes the video so funny.

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