Koreans are No. 1 moviegoers in the world

December 23, 2013
An average Korean watched more than 4 movies this year 
U.S. is second with 3.88, followed by Australia and France 
Koreans watched an average of 4.12 movies in 2013, which is the most in the world. (Newsis)

Koreans watched an average of 4.12 movies in 2013, which is the most in the world. (Newsis)


By Lee Kyutae

South Koreans watch more movies than any other people in the world, according to Korean movie theater chain CGV.

South Koreans saw an average of 4.12 movies per person in theaters this year, which is No. 1 in the world for the first time, based on recent data from Britain’s Screen Digest, CGV said.

Britain’s Screen Digest is one of the world’s leading media-focused research companies, and according to their numbers, the United States dropped to the second place with 3.88, followed by Australia (3.75) and France (3.44).

The Korean Film Council confirmed that a South Korean person indeed saw an average of four movies this year – as the number of movie tickets sold in 2013 is expected to reach 200-million this week.

It will be the first time South Korea, with a population of about 49 million, will top the 200-million moviegoer mark.

Boosted by the growth of the movie-going population, Korea’s market-leading CGV became one of the world’s top five cinema chains as it drew more than 100 million viewers at home and abroad this year. The other four are Regal Cinema (U.S.), China’s AMC, Cinemark (U.S.), and Cinepolice in Mexico.

CGV currently runs 1,119 screens, with 26.4 percent of them located overseas, but that percentage will soon go up as Vietnam’s cinema chain MegaStar will merge with the CGV brand in January of next year. CGV bought the Vietnamese chain, which had 82 screens in 2011.




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