Korean woman killed in Seattle bus crash was organ donor

October 12, 2015
Kim Ha-ram

Kim Ha-ram

Kim Ha-ram, 20, a Korean woman who died in a fatal Seattle bus crash last month has been found to have been an organ donor.

Her father Kim Soon-won, a pastor, wrote a letter to friends about his daughter’s passing. It was shared by many through Kakaotalk, a messenger app.

“I thank the fact that the healthy organs of my daughter will give new life to those who need it,” he said. “Before her organs were donated, my wife and I promised our daughter that we could work hard to lead good lives and prayed for her.”

Kim Ha-ram was killed after a school charter bus carrying her and dozens of other international students crashed into a “Ride the Ducks” tour vehicle on Aurora Bridge.

The students were on their way to orientation for North Seattle College.

She died in the hospital from a head injury on Sept. 27.