Korean language broadcasters from overseas gather in S. Korea

October 26, 2016

SEOUL, Oct. 26 (Yonhap) — Executives and employees of broadcasters from around the world providing service in the Korean language gathered in South Korea on Wednesday to share their knowledge and experience.

Thirteen broadcasters from 37 countries came to Seoul to participate in a three-day event that includes an awards ceremony, seminars and sessions providing a practical basis for production.

The event was co-hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and the Korean Communication Agency (KCA).

“There are a total of 95 broadcasters in 13 countries around the globe that are connecting 7.2 million Koreans living overseas and their home country with Korean language broadcasts,” Kim Ji-won, a ministry official, said.

The South Korean government has been supporting international Korean broadcasters by selecting the best work in both the television and radio categories every year.

This year, the top prize in the TV category went to the documentary series “Korea in my Heart,” which was produced by EverRock Multimedia Inc. based in the United States.

The documentary, which aired in November and December 2015, shows 200,000 Korean Americans living in North America since the first immigrants arrived in Hawaii more than 110 years ago.

The documentary tells the stories of these immigrants through the eyes of each local Korean American community.

“The Korean community in the North American region is making what kind of effort for the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and for their home country? This was the question I wanted to ask,” said Kim Yoo-hyang, chairman of the broadcaster and executive producer of the documentary.

“The story of music and story” produced by KNTV OCEANIA in New Zealand grabbed the top prize in the radio category.

The executives also visited Bitmaru Broadcasting Center to learn about the latest in broadcasting technology and other production techniques, and to learn the local digital media environment.

The center, located in Ilsan, just north of Seoul, is operated by the KCA to provide broadcasting infrastructure to small local production companies.

(Photo courtesy of the Korean Communication Agency)

(Photo courtesy of the Korean Communication Agency)