Korean folk art exhibit coming to DC-area gallery

September 9, 2015
A collection of Minhwa fans

A collection of minhwa fans

By The Korea Times Washington DC staff

A collection of folk painting artworks in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Korean liberation will open inside a gallery near Washington, D.C. this Saturday.

MK Gallery, located in Vienna, will host the exhibit featuring 35 South Korean minhwa — folk art — talents.

Kim Mi-young, gallery owner, said minhwa is a traditional Korean art that depicts longevity, health, wealth and honor in all facets of life.

Pieces are priced from $65 to $950.

The local Korean American Association, an organizer of the exhibit, will also arrange a minhwa experience with eight artists at the KORUS Festival on Sept. 19 and 20 following the gallery show.

“Minhwa expresses the innocence of drawing and the warmth of Koreans,” said Lim So-jung, president of the association. “I hope this exhibit gives Korean Americans reassurance and becomes a channel through which non-Koreans can feel a Korean sentiment.”

Call 703-734-7777 for more information. MK Gallery is located at 1952 Gallows Rd #202, Vienna, VA 22182.