Korean diets moving towards unhealthier trends: report

October 6, 2015

The traditional Korean diet, known to be healthy for its fermented dishes and large helpings of vegetables, seems to be evolving into something a little less so.

Koreans are not eating as healthy as they sued to. (Korea Times file)

Koreans are not eating as healthy as they used to. (Korea Times file)

A recently published index shows Koreans diets are not as healthy as in the past.

According to an index from the Korea Centers for Disease Control for 2014, Korean adults (aged 19-64) scored 59 out of 100 in eating habits.

The index consists of 14 categories and is calculated by adding up scores for each category.

The score is higher when there is greater consumption of fruit and vegetables and white meat instead of red meat and brown rice instead of white rice.

It is also higher when there is less salt and less food that is both high in calories and low in nutritional value such as sugary snacks or drinks.

Koreans scored the lowest (0.63 out of 5.) in the wholegrain consumption category.

They also scored relatively low (1.67 out of 5) in white meat (fish, poultry).

However, Koreans obtained a high score (7.04 out of 10) for consumption of protein, which awards a perfect score when more than 300 grams is consumed daily.


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