Korean-Chinese coalition plans SF comfort women memorial

November 6, 2015

This file photo shows the statue in Glendale, California. When erected, San Francisco will be the only major U.S. city to have a comfort women memorial.

By The Korea Times San Francisco staff

It’s been a month after the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution for the installation of a comfort women memorial in the city.

A new organization comprised of Chinese and Korean American community members, the San Francisco Comfort Women Justice Coalition, has taken on the wheels of the effort.

The coalition is in the process of securing a design and location for the memorial. Spots in discussions include Chinatown, popular parks and even, in what is expected to be a controversial choice, Japantown.

The coalition said it aims to install the memorial within a year.

When erected, San Francisco will be the only major U.S. city to have a comfort women memorial — around the country, similar memorials stand in smaller cities like Glendale, California, Union City, New Jersey and Michigan City, Michigan.


  1. Mogro Fuuzo

    November 8, 2015 at 11:47 AM

    During the recent summit meeting between Prime Minister Abe and President Park which was held on November 2, President Park demanded Japanese Government to present “a proposal that will sufficiently regain the peace of mind of the former comfort women and satisfy the South Korean general public.”

    President Park has repeated this demand so often at various press conferences in Seoul, during her address to the UN general assembly, during her meeting with President Obama, and so on.

    According to the Sankei Newspaper, a reporter of the news company visited the home of a former comfort woman Lee Yong-soo in mid-October and asked what she wants for the Japanese Government to do in order to “solve the Comfort Women Issue.”

    She replied, “We want Prime Minister Abe to come to the Japanese Embassy in Seoul and beg forgiveness from us. Furthermore, we want all the succeeding prime ministers of Japan to do the same. Then we may forgive all the misery we experienced.”

    In other words, all primes ministers of Japan, once assumed the office, have to go to Seoul and kowtow to the former comfort women. Otherwise, no apology of any sort is satisfactory for these women and S. Korean people.

    The author assumes however that their real intent is to subjugate Japan to serve S. Korea forever by making Japan’s prime ministers kowtow to them. However absurd it may sound for any people who live in this 21st century, they mean it.

    What had over-inflated the ego of these former prostitutes to this extent? Maybe, holier-than-thou Americans who sided with them to build comfort women memorials in the United States had some share of pushing the issue to this absurdity.

    Whatever the reasons, therefore, NO compromise of any kind whatsoever is possible for Japan.

    False Accusations of Comfort Women

  2. Deepak

    November 10, 2015 at 12:55 PM

    Koreans are good people. But Chinese? So Chinese will slaughter, rape, enslave and oppress tibetans, and steal their land. But they will scream “human rights” and build memorial to victims of Japanese rule.

    Why not build memorials to Tibetan women? Japanese Americans should go on the offensive & start agitating for Tibetan memorials and support South Korea’s effort for reunification with North.

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