John Cho busts a move to K-pop on ABC’s ‘Selfie’

October 23, 2014

Korean American actor John Cho busted out to dance to quirky K-pop group Crayon Pop’s viral hit “Bar Bar Bar” during an episode of “Selfie” this week.

On the fourth episode of the ABC series, which aired Tuesday, Cho’s character Henry hears the song being played by a DJ and quips, “Oh I get it, you think because I’m Korean, I automatically like K-Pop.”

But as the music plays, Henry starts bopping his head to the beat, and it’s not long before he breaks out into full dance. Meanwhile, Cho’s co-star Karen Gillan, who plays, Eliza, gets into the act, performing the song’s pogo dance.

The show revolves around Henry, a marketing expert who decides to “re-market” his coworker Eliza, a social media star whose learning the value of true friendship.

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