It’s now Samsung-Google Android alliance against Apple

March 17, 2014

Steve Jobs’ ‘go thermonuclear’ battle cry appears to haunt iPhone maker


By Kim Yoo-chul

Google has been brought into the patent fight between Apple and Samsung.

It’s no secret that Samsung and Google are partners tied by the latter’s Android operating system.

The new Samsung-Apple patent case is likely to be held in San Jose, Calif., March 31.

According to sources familiar with the issue, Apple recently decided to call as witness Andy Rubin, an Android system creator, now an executive at Google’s robotic development team. He worked for Apple in the 1980s.

Also included in the list of witnesses from Google called by Apple are software developer Fred Quintana, user experience expert Ann Hsieh, Android marketing supervisor Kenzo Fong Hing, and Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of engineering at Google.

The move is expected to expand Apple’s lawsuit battle front to the entire Google Android operating system. Analysts say it is aimed at hurting the Android ecosystem.

However, they expect that the decision will enable Samsung and other Android users to join forces to better protect it from Apple’s threat.

Samsung recently signed cross-licensing deals with Google, Ericsson and Cisco.

“Most global technology companies are seeking to offer more benefits to industries and consumers by sealing licensing deals,” one source said.

“But Apple is focusing on pursuing its profit by continuing its lawsuits against the Google Alliance. This is against the trend and means Apple’s intention for continued lawsuits is highly questionable,” the source said.

Apple’s bad blood with Google goes back to its late co-founder Steve Jobs who vowed to destroy Android before he died.

Jobs was quoted by Walter Isaacson, his biographer, as saying, “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear on this.”

Powered by robust sales of Samsung smartphones, the Android system has solidified its leadership over the past few years.

As of December 2013, Android took up 78.1 percent of smartphone operating systems, followed by Apple iOS with 17.8 percent, according to an analysis by IDC Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker.

In the latest squaring off between Samsung and Apple, their latest products such as the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 will be reviewed by U.S. Federal Judge Lucy H. Koh. The new trial will focus on devices that weren’t included in the first one.

Apple claims that Samsung stole five key patents ― phone tapping number feature, unified search, data synchronization, slide-to-unlock, and auto-complete ― all of them are currently offered through the Android platform.

“These patents are also applied to the Galaxy Nexus, a reference mobile with Google entirely handling specifications only manufactured by Samsung Electronics,” another industry source said.

“Apple limits consumer choice. Samsung plans to appeal to a new jury that its embedded Android features for Galaxy devices are unique and the results of closer cooperation with Google and of its long-term investment in research and development,” said the source.

In the new trial, Apple will also claim that Samsung should pay $40 for every Galaxy it sells for infringing on key patents.

Many experts, however, disagree with Apple’s view, saying the company should not just throw out huge numbers.

“Apple’s $40 demand is crazy and I don’t think it’s going to get it. If analysts are concerned today, they’ll be more optimistic some other time,” Florian Mueller, a German-based patent expert, said via e-mail.

“I believe Samsung is in a very strong position and the fact that Apple failed to win an injunction is much more important than those damages/royalty demands,” he added.


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