Im-sanity Hits Australia

October 29, 2013

1.5 Generation Korean Australian Dami Im

Takes X Factor Crown and No.1 Spot on the Charts

Yonhap/The X-Factor Web site

Yonhap/The X-Factor Web site

 Logan Mayor to Offers Her the Key to the City 

‘Im-sanity’ is the word in Australia right now. 1.5 generation Korean Australian Dami Im, has not only won the 2013 edition of Australia’s ‘X Factor’ and a lucrative Sony recording contract, her winner’s single ”Alive” has gone straight to the top of the Australian iTunes charts in less than 24 hours.

Considering One Direction is at number two on the iTunes charts, with the most successful Australian reality show winner Guy Sebastian and Katy Perry at three and four respectively, that’s no small feat.

Im also has the number five song, ”And I’m Telling You.” She received a standing-on-the table-top ovation from the judges with her version of Jennifer Hudson’s song during the grand final performance show on Sunday night.

Im, 24, immigrated to Australia when she was nine years-old, and had told the judges that she “recently started to sing” and taught herself to sing by copying K-pop idols. But, she immediately turned heads with Mariah Carey’s “Hero” and kept advancing with her strong vocals.

She was also lucky, as she was actually sent home early in the X Factor competition after forgetting lyrics to an earlier song for competition. However, another contestant quit, allowing her to be brought back.

She has drawn some comparisons to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ sensation Susan Boyle, with her shy and somewhat quirky demeanor, which presumably helped to capture the hearts of the Australian audience.

According to the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun, she was the overwhelming favorite to win going into the final show, and “Im was carried into the winner’s circle on a wave of support from her vast fan club, dubbed the Dami Army, who bombarded social media. During Im’s rendition of Purple Rain, X Factor related tweets flowed at a rate of 450 per minute to prove she was the favorite of Australia’s Twitter users.”

Im’s Australian hometown is very excited and proud of their winner. Logan Mayor Pam Parker offered her the key to the city on Monday night via Twitter and said “Dami will be up there with Beyonce and Madonna” during an interview.


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