Hyeri conflicted about ‘Reply 1988′ ending also

January 27, 2016
Hyeri (Yonhap)

Hyeri (Yonhap)

Girls’ Day member Hyeri, who played the role of Sung Deok-sun on the tvN hit drama “Reply 1988,” says she also baffled by the show’s somewhat controversial ending.

Spoiler alert: It’s not Jung-hwan, but Taek, who had been somewhat of a peripheral character at the beginning, who turns out to be Deok-sun’s husband.

The 21-year-old K-pop girl group member said she first found out about the identity of her character’s future husband when she read the script for the 16th episode —  ”The Irony Called Life – Part 1.” When Taek backs out of a date with Deok-sun at the last minute, she couldn’t quite understand why that would bother Deok-sun so much. 

“It’s because he’s her future husband!”

When the producer, Shin Won-ho, told her that, Hyeri said she even got concerned, because she wasn’t sure what kind of emotion her character is supposed to feel.

“But the producer said I was supposed to be confused, because Deok-sun must be too.”

Looking back, she thinks even Deok-sun did not know what she was feeling herself, but they were both genuine love, and viewers got really immersed in the tumultuous emotions a girl experiences at that age (16),” Hyeri said. 

When asked who she would prefer in real life, she was just as equivocal.

“I would like to mix them — half and half. I really like them both. They both got good heart, you know? But they both have flaws, also. Jung-hwan doesn’t express his feeling, and that can be tough on a girl. And, with Taek, you basically have to do every little thing for him, which can also be tough on a girl. In that sense, it would be nice if you can find a proper mix,” Hyeri said laughing just like Deok-sun.


*Yonhap materials were used in this article. 


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