Guess who? ‘Reply 1988′ actress shows off a completely different side

February 4, 2016
(Courtesy of HIGH CUT)

(Courtesy of HIGH CUT)

Ra Mi-ran from "Reply 1988" on tvN

Ra Mi-ran from “Reply 1988″ on tvN

Guess who?

Did you ever think Jung-hwan’s mom in  tvN’s hit drama “Reply 1988″ can look like this?

Ra Mi-ran

The leopard trench coat is similar to the one she wore in tvN’s hit drama “Reply 1988.” (Courtesy of HIGH CUT)

Veteran actress Ra Mi-ran showed off a completely different side in her latest magazine photos in HIGH CUT. Describing her photos as”a true face of Ra Mi-ran that we have never seen,” the magazine’s photos feature the 40-year-old actress in a white off-the-shoulder dress, a black sleeveless jumpsuit, a leopard trench coat, as well as such accessories as bangles, necklaces and vivid make-up heightened by luscious lipsticks.

The leopard trench coat is similar to the one she wore in tvN’s hit drama “Reply 1988,” which ended late last month after becoming a rare nationwide sensation. Ra portrayed a mother of two whose poor family becomes rich after her son wins a lottery.

Ra’s debut in the magazine may largely be due to her role in the drama. She stood out in her supporting role, while high school girl Sung Deok-sun (Lee Hyeri) and her four male high school friends dominated the 20-part series.

Ra has been “the queen of supporting actresses” in movies and on the small screen.” Media reports dubbed her “Korea’s No.1 scene stealer” and “irreplaceable.”

“I consider acting as the best job I can ever have, because I get to live various circles of life,” Ra told online daily Dailian. “I want to be an actress whose career stretches out and who is loved by people for a long, long time.”

(Courtesy of HIGH CUT)

G (Courtesy of HIGH CUT)

Since her debut in the thriller movie “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” (2005), Ra has appeared in more than 40 movies, 20 TV dramas and about 10 theater plays.

At the 15th Pusan International Film Festival in 2010, she won the Best Actress award in Korean Cinema Today: Vision Program category for her role in the independent drama movie “Dance Town.

At the 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards she won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the drama movie “Hope” (2013).


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