Good News: S. Korean police officer guides troubled youth through music

November 3, 2015
Police lieutenant Song Jun-han plays the guitar on a street near Hongik University, Seoul. (Yonhap)

Police lieutenant Song Jun-han plays the guitar on a street near Hongik University, Seoul. (Yonhap)

By Chung Hyun-chae

Police lieutenant Song Jun-han has been using his musical talent to prevent school violence and guide troubled children onto the right path since 2012.

“One of my colleagues asked me to donate my ability to play the guitar when conducting a school violence prevention campaign, and I readily accepted that,” Song, 49, of Seoul Mapo Police Station, told The Korea Times.

He plays the guitar whenever he takes part in the school violence prevention programs to generate a sense of connection with students.

“It really works positively as students start to open their minds to us,” Song said.

He also gives guitar lessons once a week to underprivileged students who are interested in music. He has taught more than 70 children so far.

“I remembered one middle school student who was a victim of domestic violence and school bullying at the same time,” Song said. “After he learned the bass from me, he did not cause any problems at school.”

The police station has formed a partnership with music academies to provide students with more opportunities to learn musical instruments including the drums and piano.

Song started playing guitar when he was a middle school student. After graduating from high school, he played in many bands and sometimes performed on stage with popular singers such as Patti Kim and Na Hoon-a.

With his 30s approaching, however, Song had to earn a living and decided to become a police officer.

He moved to a school police officer job in February of last year to concentrate on helping students with music.

“I feel my efforts are rewarded when children show even a little change,” Song said.

In October, he started a new school violence prevention campaign by busking twice a month near Hongik University, northwestern Seoul. While performing music, he gives quizzes about school violence to his student audiences.

“I believe music connects me with children and hope that I can help them more with it,” Song said.

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