Facebook most popular social media for Koreans

December 22, 2015

By The Korea Times Seoul staff

Facebook is the most dominant form of social media in Korea, figures show.

The finding is based on a report from DMC Media, which specializes in digital media and advertisement platforms. According to the report, 59.8 percent of people using the Internet said Facebook was their main social media platform.

It was followed by KakaoStory (17.1 percent), Instagram (10.3 percent), Band (8.2 percent) and Twitter (2.4 percent).

Facebook is the most popular platform for the second consecutive year, although the percentage of people who rated it number one fell 4.7 percentage points from last year.

On the other hand, the image-based Instagram and Naver’s community-based Band each grew 6.4 percentage points and 6.7 percentage points.

Men tended to have a larger presence on Facebook, whereas women preferred KakaoStory and Instagram.

Younger people tended to use Facebook while the older generation took to KakaoStory.

People with white collar jobs were more on Facebook and Instagram, while housewives preferred KakaoStory and Band.

Singles preferred Facebook and Instagram, while married people favored KakaoStory and Band.

The October survey involved 780 Koreans aged 19-59.