Daum’s applications make a splash

November 29, 2013


By Kim Tae-gyu

Two applications from Daum Communications, Korea’s second-largest Internet portal, are winning the hearts and minds of trend-sensitive global customers since their launch in September.

They are SolMail, an e-mail collector gathering all of e-mail messages from multiple accounts, and a practical calendar application SolCalendar. Both boast simple but sophisticated design.

“With SolMail, users can access e-mails not only on popular e-mail services such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo mail but also any others that provide various protocols,” a Daum spokeswoman said.

“One of SolMail’s major strengths would be its openness. Users can take advantage of their existing e-mail accounts at SolMail on the power of its advanced environment and features.”

Another outstanding feature of SolMail is archiving, which allows people to store e-mails in a folder and keep their e-mail list neat and tidy by swiping on the title of the listed e-mail.

Quick Filter helps with the sorting and categorizing e-mails ㅡ users can filter them in terms of importance, with or without attachments, and read or unread emails, to name a few.

In the case of SolCalendar, users can check on all their important events immediately with its “split view” at a single touch.

“The weather information for upcoming seven days is of great help in setting up their schedule. And the events can be shared with friends or peers via multiple methods like texting and mobile messengers, e-mail or social media,” she said.

“SolCalendar doesn’t’ require any separate account to use. Once installed, it will automatically incorporate all the calendars on your smartphone. More than 30 beautiful widgets are attracting those who are sick of boring Android widgets. It’s possible to visualize events on the calendar by decorating with adorable stickers.”

Soon after SolMail and SolCalendar were launched in both English and Korean, they won media and user attention.

For example, the Next Web (www.thenextweb.com) included them on their list of the “30 of the most beautiful and well-designed Android applications.”

Users have translated SolMail and SolCaldendar to their own languages such as Russian, Spanish and French. Daum has since installed more languages on their two popular applications.