Court upholds fine on actor Ryu Si-won for assaulting wife

September 3, 2014
ryu si-won

Ryu Si-won’s fine has been upheld by the court.

SEOUL (Yonhap) — The Supreme Court on Thursday (KST) upheld a 7 million won (US$6,500) fine imposed on actor-singer Ryu Si-won for assaulting his wife and tracking her whereabouts with a GPS device.

Ryu, 42, was found guilty of planting a GPS tracking device on his estranged wife’s car and tracking her whereabouts for eight months starting in May 2011.

The hallyu star also was convicted of slapping his wife in the face several times when she protested the surveillance.

The 33-year-old wife, known only by her surname, Cho, sued Ryu in February 2013, claiming that the actor had threatened her as well.

Ryu and Cho married in October 2010 and have one daughter. They are currently going through divorce proceedings.