[CNN] Suki Kim’s Experience in North Korea ‘it’s the most horrific place to me in the world’

December 8, 2014
(Photo by Ed Kashi/Courtesy of Suki Kim)

(Photo by Ed Kashi/Courtesy of Suki Kim)

[CNN] —  CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS features an interview with Suki Kim who explains how she got inside a North Korean school and the warped worldview of students there.

On North Koreans’ perception of the world:  “They, first of all, didn’t know anything about the rest of the world. If any of them did, they were fearful to admit that, because every conversation that we had, even at meals in the cafeteria, there was – somebody was reporting on it. They were all watching each other. And if they were curious, you know, there was a – little slips here and there where they would be curious about democracy, for example, how it functioned in the rest of the world. At the same time, some of the students really thought people spoke Korean in the rest of the world. So the utter, utter lack of information was astounding.”

On North Korea’s education system: ”You take away any way of critical thinking, and you literally take away the tools where people can communicate with each other, then I think that you have a nation where they just basically have the most abusive nation in the world. There – these men just own their people. It’s the most horrific place to me in the world


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