Clowns: The Icon of Terror

October 17, 2016
Christopher Kim Chatsworth High School 10th Grade

Christopher Kim Chatsworth High School 10th Grade

Lately, the country has been terrorized by constant pranks and threats from people dressed as clowns. Some of these clowns simply scare people by chasing them down the middle of the road or jumping out at people in the dark. Others have been reported to physically assault people or threaten them with weapons.

There are many possible reasons for such wide-spread chaos. One of the reasons can be the anticipation for the remake of the movie “It” in 2017. The original novel by Stephen King, as well as a 1990 film of the story, is about a predatory figure who is able to shape-shift and possess others. He takes the form of a clown and murders children. Many possible horror fanatics may have first started the chaos in order to promote the upcoming film. The first clown sightings may have then motivated others to join in on the chaos. Teens who find the issue amusing more than likely join in on the “fun”. Thus, the clown hysteria has now become a new trend in the country and now even spreads beyond the borders of the U.S. into Canada and the U.K. Halloween may also play a role in this chaos. People may be determined to make clown hysteria a new tradition at around the time of Halloween. They may even be determined to leave a mark on history as a way to give fear and terror to the citizens of the U.S. Social media plays a big part in this spread. People now constantly upload information and records of clown sightings via video. The clowns even go to social media to leave threats to the already shaken society.

Clown hysteria leaves many effects on society. The main effect is that people experience terror because of the constant threats and menace of the clowns. Schools are constantly on alert and even threatened by clowns. However, there are many other effects. One of these is that clown performers who make a living are threatened to lose their careers as people may grow a developing fear of clowns. The clown hysteria also reinforces the menacing view of clowns in the entertainment field, such as horror movies. The reputation of clowns has increasingly become an icon of terror. Society does not know when the chaos will be over, but while it lasts, be safe.


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