Geum Yi

Bob Sapp becomes VP of Korea’s largest MMA organization

April 7, 2015
Bob Sapp (Courtesy of Road FC)

Bob Sapp (Courtesy of Road FC)

American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Bob Sapp, famous for his nickname “The Beast,” was named vice president Monday for Korea’s largest MMA organization, Road FC.

According to the Road FC, Sapp said he “feels honored to be appointed as the vice president.”

“Following the Road FC chief Jung Moon-hong’s goal to increase the popularity of this sport, I will play my part to popularize MMA as well,” Sapp was quoted as saying, adding that he will visit Korea whenever Road FC’s monthly matches are held.

The Road FC said Sapp decided to join the group after he served as a ring announcer for matches here in November.

Mostly fighting in Japan, Sapp became known in Korea after competing with ssireum (traditional Korean wrestling)-turned-MMA player Choi Hong-man in Japan in 2005.