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February 10, 2014

Comedian-turned-MMA fighter Yoon Hyung-bin debuts

with 1st round TKO win over Japanese opponent Takaya

Yoon Hyung-bin throws right hook at Tsukuda Takaya, knocking him down to give him some more pounding and take over the match. (Courtesy of

Yoon Hyung-bin throws a right hook at Tsukuda Takaya, knocking him down and taking over the match.
(Courtesy of

By Ko Dong-hwan

Comedian-turned-MMA fighter Yoon Hyung-bin routed his debut match opponent Tsukuda Takaya, fulfilling the revenge he had promised for a Korean woman fighter unfairly beaten on a Japanese television show.

In the 14th Road FC tournament’s special main event, Yoon took his victory over Takaya in a TKO before the end of the first round.

The knock-out came when Yoon’s powerful right hook directly landed on his face. As the Japanese fighter tumbled on his back, Yoon didn’t miss the chance to put him out for good by pounding him with punches.

The judge, seeing that Takaya no longer had strength left to hold himself, halted the match and proclaimed Yoon’s victory.

The match didn’t start off as how it would eventually turn out. Yoon, getting hit by Takaya’s punches at the beginning, faltered and tried to maintain the power balance by holding him tight against the fence, occasionally throwing knee-kicks.

With two minutes left in the first round, the judge separated both fighters and set them up at the center, where they desperately sought for critical opportunities throwing punches while distancing from each other.

It was 41 seconds before the end of the first round when Yoon threw the game-changing punch and knocked out Takaya.

Yoon showed off his chiseled physique on Sunday match as was evident from his ripped chest and abdomen. Prior to the match, Yoon kept frequently taking deep breaths as he was apparently jittery for the much-anticipated match.

At the Olympic Hall inside the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where the match took place, many celebrities cheered for Yoon, including popular comedian Lee Kyung-kyu.