America’s Unexpected Commander in Chief

November 22, 2016
Seong Joon Kim  Beckman High School  11th Grade

Seong Joon Kim
Beckman High School
11th Grade

On the night of November 8th, the Americans finally came to a decision on who should serve as the next President of the United States. Two candidates fought long and hard to win their respective primaries and tirelessly tried to get as many votes needed for the general election. Two hundred and seventy electoral votes was the magic number to win the presidency, and Hillary Clinton seemed to effortlessly project a stunning 268 electoral votes prior to the campaign.

The campaign trails of both candidates had been rough. Clinton was the target of FBI director James Comey, who was shedding light on another investigation into her email controversy. It was only a day before election night that Comey announced that the second and more detailed investigation had led to nothing but personal and irrelevant emails. Donald Trump, meanwhile, was criticized for his words used to describe women and the new allegations against him. And, yet, with 290 electoral votes, Donald Trump won the presidency for the Republican Party.

The frustration of many Americans is evident. Just after election night, there were many protests blocking highways and walking around the streets of urban cities. College students refused to go back to class but rather protested on the ‘unfair’ election results. With no evidence of a ‘rigged’ system, Donald Trump won the presidency fair and square. The popular votes were in favor of Clinton, but the electoral votes favored Trump. In almost every election, fifty percent of Americans would inevitably be unhappy about the results. However, in the name of democracy and American tradition, many of this discontent has been subdued by the reminder that the nation runs by a certain system. While there is a lot of frustration, Americans should be reminded that the country does not run by ‘mob-rule’ or a mobocracy, thus it is only fair and wise to support and make best of the new Commander in Chief. On November 10th, President Barack Obama gave Trump a run-down of the logistics and the responsibilities that Trump must assume when he goes into the oval office. Trump would take the oval office in January 20th of 2017, assuming responsibilities of the greatest position in American society for the next four years.


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