50 North Korean students killed in May bus accident

July 29, 2014

Fifty North Korean students from the country’s most prestigious middle school were found to have died in a bus accident on May 24.

While driving through the the Masik Pass, the bus overturned and killed everyone aboard, according to a source cited by the Dong-A Ilbo Tuesday.

Many of the third-year students were children of high-ranking North Korean officials, the source said. They were headed to the newly unveiled Songdowon International Children’s Camp.

The school was attended by Kim Jong Il in the past.

In January, a similar bus accident killed 30 Pyongyang residents who were also traveling through the Masik Pass to go to a ski resort.

On May 2, North Korea introduced the children’s camp. Korean Central Television, its state-run media, was critical of the Sewol sinking, which took the lives of at least 300 passengers.

“The completion of the Songdowon camp has brought joy and laughter to all of the country’s students, but in the South, the sound of parents’ wailing for their young children, who died on a school trip, continues from day to night,” KCT said a week after the announcement.