4minute to return with its ‘tough sister’ look intact

January 20, 2016
K-pop girl group 4minute

K-pop girl band 4minute

K-pop girl band 4minute will return next month with mini-album “Act.7.”

Cube Entertainment said Wednesday the album will be released at noon on Feb. 1. Cube has uploaded a comeback teaser image along with a caption, “4MINUTE is Back!”

The band comprises Kim Hyun-a, Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon and Kwon So-hyun.

It is their seventh mini album after “Crazy,” released last February.

The comeback has drawn attention because of their collaboration with famous American DJ Skrillex.

Cube Entertainment said the group will continue on with their latest concept of “tough sister” (센 언니).