175 Koreans pass California bar exam

November 23, 2015
(Courtesy of the Government of California)

(Courtesy of the Government of California)

It’s that time of year again when California gets a new wave of potential lawyers who have just passed the bar exam.

The California State Bar Association released its results on Friday for the July exam with a pass rate of 46.6 percent.

Of the 8,323 applicants, 3,882 scored well enough to become members of the State Bar, while 5,838 (70 percent) were first-timers with an even higher pass rate at 60 percent.

Based on their last names, approximately 175 of them appear to be of Korean descent.

At least 88 percent of the Koreans who passed the test held residence in California, New York, Texas, Washington D.C. and Virginia. There were also others from Canada and South Korea.

The pass rate saw a slight decrease in 2015 compared to a year ago, which yielded a 48.6 percent.

The complete list of successful applicants is available at www.calbar.ca.gov.