When to know your body needs a break

March 14, 2016
Soo Bin Kim   Walnut High School  10th grade

Soo Bin Kim
Walnut High School
10th grade

Everyone wants to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. We plan on exercising everyday to get a nice and healthy body.

Even though daily exercise is great to keep your body toned and healthy, your body also needs a break once in a while. Our bodies are not built to keep running without rest. If you push your body to the limit, you can cause some serious injuries to yourself.

According to CNN, there are five signs your body gives off to tell you that your body needs a proper rest.

The first sign is muscle soreness. Soreness is normal from a tough workout. However, you should not constantly feel sore if it is a regular work out. You can fix this by keeping it simple for a few days.

The second sign is that you are always tired or moody. Fatigue is normal from a workout. However, moodiness is not normal. If you are always tired and moody during the day, you should immediately know that your body has a lack of rest. You should try to have some days off from exercising so you can relax and be stress free.

The third sign is that your heart rate is abnormal. If you check your heart rate and see that it is abnormal, your body is not ready to exercise. According to a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Noam Tamir, checking your heart rate is the best way to judge the readiness to exercise. CNN noted that taking your heart rate daily can help you figure out what is normal for you.

The fourth sign is stiffness. If you happen to be having a hard time from any physical movement, you are in need of a good rest. It is not good for the body if the stiffness does not go away. Keeping up with your exercise while you are stiff can cause serious damage to your body. Stretching helps tremendously while you are recovering and also keeps your body flexible to prevent future injuries.

Last but not least, the fifth sign is that your urine is a dark yellow. Most people are already aware that we need to stay hydrated while exercising. However, many people start to work out while they are dehydrated. If you go to the restroom and notice that your urine is a dark yellow, you need to take in more water. By staying hydrated, it can help you to stretch and relax more easily.

Sticking to your plan and exercising everyday is great. However, Noam Tamir said that when you exercise, you’re causing a bit of a trauma to the body. As soon as you notice the signs, you should take a long break to prevent serious injuries. Having a toned body is nice, but having a healthy body is better. We only get one body in a lifetime, so we should take good care of our body and give it plenty of rest.

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