Video: K-pop girl group can’t stop falling on stage, but show must go on

September 8, 2015

K-pop girl group G-Friend powered through a performance that consisted of catchy tunes, bright lights and quite a few hard falls thanks to a slippery stage.

The concert was held outdoors on a rainy day leaving the venue exposed to the elements.

Fans reacted with a combination of worry and laughter, but the girls kept their composure and didn’t dial back their dedication to the performance even after a string of mishaps.

The group’s management KT Music lauded the girls for making it all the way through their set, especially member SinB who “suffered a pretty bad fall, but got up immediately, smiling throughout the act,” according to G-Friend’s website.

G-Friend debuted in January of 2015 and have racked up millions of views on several of their singles.