Using Art as a Source of Relieving Stress

May 18, 2015

st0518-01Stress is and always has been a factor in our lives, whether we want it or not, and consequently, people tend to have a hard time trying to find a solution to relieving such pressure.

According to the findings of an American Psychological Association survey, levels of teen stress rivals those of adults, which presents a truly troubling phenomenon that can lead to unwanted unhealthy behavior among a wide range of high school students.

Although it may seem different at first, participating in art, whether it is drawing, painting, or crafting, is a way for people to get rid of stress.

This type of stress relief can be seen through art therapy, where children and adults take part in doing creative activities in order to take their minds off matters that had previously preoccupied a majority of their time.

Students these days are too busy balancing their academics with extracurricular activities, among other high school duties, and therefore need an outlet, or an activity, that will let them release some of the stress that piles up.

Creating works of art not only relieves stress, but also allows students to be creative?a feat that purposefully channels students’efforts beyond the confines of the classroom.

According to a study by the University of California, Irvine’s Health Education Center, the act of drawing or creating art allows one to divert his or her attention from something nerve-racking, at least for a short period of time.

While one is engrossed in the process, he or she tends to have a clearer head in which to return to daily tasks.

Moreover, another benefit to art therapy is while engaging in creating art, a student is completely immersed in the act that parallels a near meditative state. In this sense, art can be effectively utilized as a form of calming one’s nerves while actively appealing to one’s creativity.

Art is more than a medium for creativity; it serves as an effective means to solve problems.


st0518-01-1 Albert Kim
North Hollywood High School 11th Grade

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