Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae donate 50 million won to Nepal

September 8, 2015
Yoon Mi-rae, right, and her husband Drinken Tiger. (NEWSis)

Yoon Mi-rae, right, and her husband Tiger JK. (NEWSis)

The rapper couple Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae donated 50 million won (About $42,000) to quake-stricken areas in Nepal, international relief organization Oxfam said Tuesday.

“My father wished very much to go to the Himalayas in Nepal when he was battling cancer,” Tiger JK was quoted as saying about his music critic father who died last year.

“I thought of my father when we heard of the earthquake in Nepal this spring, so we decided to contribute, thinking we could help out the people there.”

The couple’s donation will be used to provide clean drinking water and sanitary equipment to the disaster-stricken area as well as to build makeshift toilets and shelters, the organization said.

According to Oxfam, there are still several tens of millions of people in Nepal who are living off emergency food aid in temporary shelters.