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The power of now

February 24, 2015

st00224-02“When I grow up, I want to change the world.”

Growing up, I believed this phrase was so cliche. I thought everything I did was too little to make a difference in the world.

However, recently I was given the opportunity to learn that making a change in the world does not take anymore than having the heart to do so. The nonprofit organization, California Association of Student Councils (CASC), designed a program, Youth Action Summit of California (YASC), that allows students to achieve their world-impacting goals.

This year, YASC focuses on encouraging students to start confronting contemporary issues of the world. The delegates will discuss issues on education, environment, health, human rights, intolerance, and poverty.

As they consider these topics, they will learn how to bring a positive change into their own communities. This program not only allows students to bring about change on a global level, but also supplies them with skills to act upon their goals.

“When I went to the program last year, it helped me envision a future. It opened my eyes to the global issues that we, as students, need to act up on. Before, nothing motivated me. Everything that I ever thought I could do was just an idea or a thought. However, this program helped me take action on the ideas,” a previous YASC delegate testified.

Also, this year, the staff has developed a mission called “Project Now!” which allows students to gain investments in the project they plan. High school and middle school students should definitely be involved in this amazing program because they are the future generation.

This is the world they will live in for the next century; therefore, they should take part in making it a better place. Every year, many students from all over the world attend this program.

Recently, YASC has brought Russian delegates to take part in impacting their communities. Through this program, delegates will be able to work with a diverse group.

YASC will be taking place from March 20-22, 2015 at Radisson Ontario. Change the world, while you can.

More information about this program can be accessed at Also, if you have any questions, contact


st00224-02-1 Yoonji Bridget Lee
West Ranch High School 10th Grade

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