The earth is running dry

October 19, 2015
Daniel Lim Cypress High School 11th Grade

By Daniel Lim
Cypress High School
11th Grade

The earth can be seen to many as a vast world capable of fulfilling humanity’s every need.

Though it has been supplying humans and animals alike with what seems to be an ample supply of resources, the amount of resources consumed is exceeding what the earth can produce.

Humans have been using both renewable and nonrenewable resources to advance technology and make improvements in the quality of daily life.

Though renewable resources may seem to last forever, it is estimated that there would need to be at least a thirty percent increase in the earth’s resources in order for humans to continue to sustain consumption rates.

In fact, studies suggest that if the entire world were to use as many resources as the average American, there would be a need for at least five more Earths to break even.

People tend to neglect the health of Earth, and such ignorance has had a great impact on the planet.

There are many different views on how people should manage the earth, and the recent Volkswagen scandal demonstrates how there is an obvious prioritization for profit over the planet. This kind of prioritization has been a factor in the earth’s lack of sustainability.

Though a shift in Earth’s sustainability may seem like a very extreme and difficult task to accomplish, scientific evidence shows how it should only take about 50 years of change in order to live sustainably.

The massive fortress that humans inhabited seems unbreakable, but in reality, the Earth is a very delicate planet that needs to be taken care of. Humans depend on the Earth for survival and as there are no true contenders for a home planet, the Earth’s health needs to be the focus of the people. Every act, big or small, truly makes an impact on how well the Earth sustains.

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