[THE DIPLOMAT] Koreans alarmed by rising crime in the Philippines

September 4, 2014

Philippine police downplay the concern that Koreans are being targeted by criminal syndicates and insisted that the country is still a safe destination for Koreans. (Newsis)

[THE DIPLOMAT] The Korean embassy has issued a statement expressing alarm over the reported spike in crimes victimizing Korean tourists and businessmen residing in the Philippines.

The embassy said there are already nine cases of crime-related deaths of Korean citizens in the country this year. Last year, 12 Koreans were reportedly shot or stabbed to death in the country, but a local Korean newspaper reported that no suspects have been taken into custody.

Whatever the cause of these crimes, the embassy was right to point out that Korean investors might “avoid the Philippines and seek safer places for doing business.”

And it looks like the fallout is already happening. Central Bank data showed decreasing foreign direct investment from South Korea since last year. [READ MORE]