Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ director responds to accusations of copying K-pop MV

July 23, 2015

It’s a T-Swift-versus-K-pop controversy — a Jezebel post accusing Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, directed by Joseph Kahn, of copying 2ne1′s “Come Back Home” surfaced Wednesday.

“It seems highly unlikely that any storied, thorough music video director would have missed a high-profile video from arguably K-pop’s most celebrated girl group,” Jezebel wrote, in reference to 15-year music video veteran Kahn, who also directed Swift’s “Blank Space.”

Kahn took to Twitter about the accusation, saying, “If you hit me with in head (sic) with a bottle of kimchi I wouldn’t know a single Kpop song in the last 5 years.”

He later penned a letter to Jezebel:

I need to lodge a complaint against an article you posted about me where the writer accused me of plagiarizing a Korean music video on Bad Blood. 1. I never saw that video and 2. all of the comparisons are common sci fi tropes – city, cars, helmets, body scans, flares – all recropped without context. Furthermore recording screen grabs and accusing others of copying their groups is apparently a very common hobby of Kpop fans. If you view both videos, aside from the uncontextual limited screen grabs, you will quickly see they are completely different videos.



Correcting the Jezebel author on the usage of a quote about his “Korean roots” taken from a profile we wrote on him last year, saying it was taken out of context, Kahn said “the implication your writer is making is explicit: I am a foreigner born overseas and I am trying to reconnect with my birth country and have obvious motive to copy it. … I do not listen to Kpop. I am American. And this is an unethical, slandering article.”

When Kahn spoke to us in November he explicitly mentioned that he doesn’t listen to K-pop when he was asked about it.

“I don’t follow K-pop and I don’t really listen to it,” he said during the interview.

2ne1′s “Come Back Home”:


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