SM launches second lawsuit against former EXO member Luhan

May 20, 2015
Luhan (Yonhap)

Luhan (Yonhap)

SM Entertainment has launched a lawsuit against former Chinese EXO member Luhan and a Shanghai company that used his endorsement, Yonhap reported.

Shanghai People’s Court reportedly received the suits Wednesday. In February, SM filed a lawsuit against the star and a Hong Kong production company for using Luhan in a film.

The agency, from which Luhan requested a contract invalidation in October last year, said the measures were taken to protect the legal interests of EXO.

SM said Luhan and Kris — another Chinese member who filed a suit against the agency calling for an end to his contract in May last year — used their popularity from EXO to participate in films, advertisements, events and award ceremonies in China when legal proceedings for their suits in Korea had not yet started.

The agency said Kris and Luhan’s activities violate the legal interests of EXO and SM and have caused financial damage.

EXO, now a 10-member band, is one of K-pop’s biggest acts. The band’s first album, “XOXO,” was the first in South Korea to sell more than 1 million copies in 12 years. Its second album, “Exodus,” had as of early this month sold 730,000 copies.