Shocking video: Ex-comedian Seo Se-won’s alleged assault on wife

July 25, 2014

Comedian-turned-pastor Seo Se-won has allegedly been caught on camera dragging his wife into an elevator against her will.

Seo Chung-hee told MBC’s “Real Story Eye” that her husband dragged her into the elevator at an apartment building in Cheongdam, southern Seoul before “he mounted me and started to strangle my neck.”

CCTV footage released by Real Story Eye shows a man, who appears to be Seo, dragging a struggling woman into the elevator before four other men enter behind them.

The video was shocking because the couple had earlier built a reputation for enjoying a blissful marriage.

However, the public image has been shattered as the couple has filed for divorce, with Seo Chung-hee accusing the ex-comedian of cheating on her.