Comedian-turned-pastor Seo Se-won may avoid criminal penalty

September 25, 2014

Former comedian Seo Se-won, who stirred controversy in July after a video surfaced of him allegedly abusing his wife, may avoid criminal penalty.

The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office opened a mediation committee for Seo, 58, and his wife, Seo Chung-hee, 54, on Thursday, Yonhap reported.

If both parties agree to a settlement during the mediation committee procedure, the case will be resolved without criminal punishment for Seo Se-won.

Both parties reportedly agreed to a mediation procedure but have not agreed on a settlement; if necessary, prosecutors will open an additional mediation session.

CCTV footage of the comedian-turned-pastor dragging his wife into an elevator against her will on May 10 triggered outrage.

The couple have filed for divorce.