Psy gives big to children’s hospital

November 12, 2015
Psy (Korea Times file)

Psy (Korea Times file)

A South Korean children’s hospital opened a new treatment room last year thanks to a generous donation by K-pop sensation Psy, according to Yonhap.

The star reportedly gave 500 million won, or about $431,300, to Yonsei University’s Severance Hospital. The new room opened on Nov. 1 last year and was used to treat an estimated 5,000 children for psychological and speech therapy.

A hospital representative told Yonhap Thursday that Psy donated the money last September.

“Earlier this year, Psy made a quiet visit to the room,” the representative said. “He didn’t want to make the donation known.”

The interior design of the room was done pro bono by the YG Entertainment design team, the hospital said. The original design included a cartoon character of Psy in the interior, but he requested it be taken out.

“When it’s called a children’s psychiatric room, it can be scary, but because we named it the Psy Treatment Room, both children and parents have felt more comfortable with it,” the representative said. “His name is a good fit with psychology as well, so we’re planning to keep the name.”

The singer will release a new album next month for the first time in Korea since “Gentlemen,” which was unveiled in 2013.