Olympics in Brazil

September 12, 2016
Soo Bin Kim Walnut High School 11th Grade

Soo Bin Kim
Walnut High School 11th Grade

This year, Brazil hosted the Olympics, becoming the first South American country to hosting the quadrennial event. According to the Huffington Post, Brazil was covered with doubt and crisis leading up to the Games. Brazil is commonly known for having one of the fastest growing economies and was proud to be the first on the continent to host the Olympics. However, Brazil was not in good condition. Prior to the Games, there was an outbreak of the dangerous Zika virus, the weather was mercurial, and there was much political unrest.


The Zika virus, which caused a number of Olympians to drop out, spreads through mosquito bites and sexual contact, and the World Health Organization even had to send out a statement encouraging athletes and visitors to take precautions from mosquitos and to practice safe sex.

The condition in Brazil was subpar at best. Health experts advised swimmers swimming at Guanabara Bay to keep their mouth closed while their heads are underwater. On July 30th, a storm in Brazil ruined a ramp that had been built specifically for the games, and the diving pool, which began clear and blue, was dyed green the next day.

According to BBC, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was suspended from the office for manipulating government accounts because of her greed to be elected again. Now she is waiting for an impeachment trial. Brazilians are tired of the corruption of the government and BBC stated that the anti-government protesters are celebrating for the impeachment trial of Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil did its best to keep the Olympic safe and enjoyable for the athletes and the visitors despite all the trouble. The Games ended up being a great celebration of athletics and culture, though it certainly wasn’ t without its problems.

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