“Obama enjoys Korean food”

March 6, 2014

Obama is widely expected to visit Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia as well as Japan or Korea.

U.S. ambassador to Korea Sung Kim said U.S. President Barack Obama likes Korean food very much.

Appearing on a morning show “Good Morning” of SBS, the envoy said, “President Obama enjoys Korean food so much that he voluntarily orders the food himself. I don’t feel the need to recommend Korean food for him.”

“When President Obama visited Korea in 2012, he knew that the hotel where he stayed was offering Korean food as room service. At that time, he (Obama) told me that he would eat “bulgogi” for dinner.

The envoy said he himself also enjoys Korean food and is good at cooking ramen. “It is more complicated to choose between kimchi stew and doenjang (bean paste) stew than to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue,” he said jokingly.