New Sheriffs in Town!

November 13, 2013

Two Korean Americans get their badges

Brian Chun, middle left, and Eric Min, middle right posed for picture with their families.

Brian Chun, middle left, and Eric Min, middle right posed for a picture with their families.

By Kim Hana

One dreamed of becoming a law enforcement officer ever since he was a child, “to serve and protect”, just like his father who worked for the Los Angeles Police Department.

The other wanted to join the police force as soon as he got out of high school, but because of an age limit, he had to take a detour to the United States Marine Corps, which took him to Japan and Afghanistan over four years.

These two Korean Americans – Eric Min, 31, and Brian Chun, 25 – finally got their badges, as they both graduated from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy last week. Their graduation was held at Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar.

Eric Min is following in his father’s footsteps. His father, George Min, is a retired LAPD officer, and every time he heard of his father’s heroics, he couldn’t help but to think that joining law enforcement is the best way to give back to community and help society.

The proud father was all smiles as he said, “Ever since [Eric] was nine-years old, he said he wanted to become an law enforcement officer, but to see him actually become one is very gratifying.”

Chun, who was the class leader, said he’d like to work at a district with a significant Korean population, like Crescenta Valley or Valencia.

Deputy Sheriffs Min and Chun will go through an additional two weeks of orientation and will be assigned to Central station in downtown Los Angeles.