New Korean Women Sheriffs in town!

April 2, 2014

Jennifer Song and Jessica Lee join San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Dept. 

Jennifer Song

Jennifer Song

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee

San Bernardino County has two new Sheriffs in town, and they are Korean women.

At the San Bernardino police academy’s 192nd graduation last week held at Rancho Cucamonga Civic Center, three Koreans — two women, one man — of 45 graduates received their badges six months after joining the academy.

Jennifer Song, 24, and Jessica Lee, 26, are the first-ever Korean women to join the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Song and Lee both grew up with dreams of joining the force.

Song worked at the Pasadena College police department for two years while majoring in criminal justice there. She said she plans to do her best to serve the Korean American community in San Bernardino, especially because she’s bilingual.

Similarly, Lee also studied criminal justice at Cerritos College and later at California State University Los Angeles.

She made the decision to join the department because of the small number of Korean police officers in San Bernardino despite the fact that the Korean population there is growing, she said.

They will both be stationed at West Valley Detention Center starting April 19.