Nearly 100 foreigners detained for violent crimes in S. Korea

June 2, 2015
(Courtesy of the National Police Agency of South Korea)

(Courtesy of the National Police Agency of South Korea)

SEOUL, June 2 (Yonhap) — Police said Tuesday they have detained 92 foreigners over the past three months for mob attacks, robbery or other forms of violence.

They are part of 698 gangsters rounded up for similar charges over the same time span, with most being released later, the National Police Agency said.

The breakdown of their nationalities was not immediately available.

None of the gangs functioned similarly to the Korean mafia, as they didn’t have a clear chain of command which would qualify them as “organized crime groups,” an NPA spokesman said.

Illegal aliens who reported crimes to the police were allowed to continue to stay in the country since police did not report them to the immigration office.

The police plan to analyze the patterns of behavior among foreign criminals before conducting another intensive crackdown in the second half of this year, the spokesman said.