Megan Lee wins contract lawsuit against Soul Shop Ent.

March 20, 2015
Megan Lee (Yonhap)

Megan Lee (Yonhap)

Korean American singer Megan Lee won the battle against her former agency Friday after she filed a November lawsuit to terminate a contract she said was unfair, Yonhap reported.

The 20-year-old said last year that Soul Shop Entertainment signed a contract tying her to the musical “All Shook Up” without her permission.

Soul Shop accused Lee of filing the lawsuit on the basis of having made the final auditions for a U.S. television series.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled that Soul Shop cannot act against Lee’s wishes in choosing her broadcast, film and musical stage activities. It said the contract violated freedom of jobs and personal rights and took away her right of self-determination.

Lee’s five-year contract stated the contract period would begin not at the time of signing but on the “day of her debut,” a term the court deemed too vague.

Other contract terms freeing the company to end the contract without providing any compensation to Lee, while requiring her to hand over a large penalty sum in case of any violations to her contract, were ruled unfair by the court.

Lee is back in the U.S. and will star in the main cast of an upcoming, K-pop-inspired Nickelodeon series, “Make It Pop.”