Lee Min-ho to sing OST for ‘Heirs’

December 4, 2013
Actor Lee Min-ho

Actor Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho, who is enjoying renewed popularity on the small screen with “The Heirs,” has sung the love theme song for the television drama.

Titled “Painful Love,” the track is a ballad about a man who is ready to risk everything for the woman he loves.

The song was released today.

The 26-year-old has demonstrated his singing ability before, but this new song is expected to further fuel the actor’s soaring popularity in his role as Kim Tan in “The Heirs,” which is averaging 20 percent in ratings. His co-stars include Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye.

Lee came to the limelight for his starring role in “Boys Over Flower” (2009), climbing to instant stardom. Since then, he has steadily starred in such television dramas as “City Hunter” (2011) and “Faith” (2012).


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