LA Koreatown sees spike in violent crimes

July 16, 2015

Korea Times file

By Park Ju-yeon  and Angelina Widener

Koreatown in Los Angeles experienced a spike of violent crimes in between July 10-13.

According to the Olympic Community Police Station reports 24 violent crimes — including robbery, shootings and assaults — were committed in Koreatown area over this period.

Robbery and theft were the most frequent kind of violent crime in the area with 15 occurrences in the four-day period. Most of the crimes involved one or two suspects threatening a victim, with a gun or a knife, to hand over personal belongings such as wallets, purses or cellphones.

Seven cases of an assault with a deadly weapon also occurred with two of those cited as gang-related incidents.

Statistics from the Los Angeles Police Department showed that within the same range of dates in 2014, violent crimes in Koreatown saw a 24 percent increase from the year before.