KARA singer ‘kung fu prodigy’

October 20, 2015
Gu Ha-ra from KBS's "Sorimsa" (Courtesy of KBS)

Gu Ha-ra from KBS’s “Sorimsa” (Courtesy of KBS)

Kara member Gu Ha-ra

Kara member Gu Ha-ra

What can’t Gu Ha-ra do?

The 24-year-old girl band member of KARA mesmerized competitors and viewers with her tremendous martial art skills on a reality TV show. She showed off her athletic ability in the traditional Chinese martial art of kung fu on KBS’s “Sorimsa” on Saturday.

Gu and six other female celebrities tried to follow the regimental training undergone by kung fu apprentices from the Southern Shaolin Monastery in Fujian Province, China.

The program showed Gu preparing herself for the martial art challenge, chiseling her body at a fitness center over the past four years. The star showed her lean yet muscular physique as she did sit-ups and pilates moves with help from her trainer.

Gu, who debuted with the band in 2008, previously showed her athleticism in a celebrity sport competition in February by winning a preliminary 60-meter sprint, where they called her ”Gu-sain Bolt.”